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Abbie is working to improve the experiences of women and families in Bradford District and Craven during pregnancy and early parenthood, through Maternity Circles.

This is her story.

Our workforce stories highlight the people working in Bradford District and Craven to reduce inequalities. You can view more stories from colleagues here.

Inequalities news


Inclusion health: how the small things can be the big things

By Myrte Elbers, Reducing Inequalities Lead at Bradford District and Craven Health and Care Partnership. “Invisible.” “Surviving.” “Out of control.” “Challenging.” These are some of the words that I have…

How PACT is reducing inequalities in Bradford

In this video the Proactive Care Team (PACT) tell us about what they are learning from the project and the adaptations the team have made to support local communities.Our workforce…

Emma, Anokh, Shireen – diverse leadership

In this video Emma, Anokh and Shireen tell us what they've done at Bradford District Care Trust, to make sure leadership within the team is diverse, and to foster an…