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A digital accreditation scheme has been launched to drive digital improvement across the Bradford District and Craven Health and Care Partnership.

The scheme has been developed to offer continued learning and development to people working in information technology and other similar digital technology roles across health and care locally. It forms part of a wider programme of work under the health and care partnership’s Development and Standards Unit that is tasked with establishing a shared approach to system processes and design across Bradford district and Craven.

One of the key developments for the Development and Standards Unit has been its recognition of the skilled workforce that are helping frontline services care for people by having the right shared technology in place.

The accreditation scheme has been co-designed and built by partners across the place and is designed to help personal and professional development as well as driving up standards across the partnership. The first cohort recently took part in the inaugural training session that outlined the accreditation scheme and the collective approach to investing in people across the partnership.

The shared approach to information technology and data sharing is supporting service improvements or setting up new services. Most recently the work of the Development and Standards Unit has helped in setting up a local Long (Post) Covid service and the Covid Medicines Delivery Unit.

Paul Rice, Chief Information Officer for Bradford District and Craven Health and Care Partnership said:

photograph of Paul Rice, Chief Information Officer for Bradford District and Craven Health and Care Partnership“As we work closer together in collaboration with organisations across our partnership we recognise the need for a standardised approach to personal and professional development that ensures we have a strong knowledge base across our digital workforce. However it’s important that any development programmes involve our colleagues so that we can meet our ambition of having a virtual team working across the partnership with the right skills and knowledge. Our virtual team covers digital colleagues from local NHS organisations and Bradford Council.

“Our bespoke accreditation scheme is one of our early successes in making this vision a reality. It demonstrates how we can realise the partnership’s Act as One ethos to deliver sustainable change to improve health and care across Bradford District and Craven.”

A rolling training programme is now under development. Anyone wanting to know more about the Development and Standards Unit and its levelling up accreditation scheme can email