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Ageing Well

Let’s tell you a bit about OUR VISION

To ensure people and their carers living in Bradford District and Craven (BD&C) have access to the care and support they need to live independently for as long as possible. Interventions of any sort will be aimed at improving wellbeing, physical, mental and social functioning and to reduce health inequalities.

Aligned to the national Ageing Well priorities: Anticipatory Care, Enhanced Health in Care Homes and Urgent Community Response (including Discharge to Assess)

We hope that through our programme, people across Bradford District and Craven:

  • Feel empowered to proactively look after their wellbeing
  • Are proactively identified when living with long term conditions such as frailty and dementia
  • Are cared for in the most appropriate setting; ideally at home or within the community
  • Are identified when approaching end of life and supported to achieve their preferred place of death.

More information to help you

Ageing wellLatest news
4 November 2022

We are recruiting for our Virtual Ward across Bradford District and Craven

What is the virtual ward? The virtual wards (VW) will provide hospital-level care and remote monitoring for patients who would otherwise be in hospital, either by preventing admissions or allowing…