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Everyone aged 75 and over and people aged 5 and over who have a weakened immune system due to a particular health condition or treatment can book their COVID-19 Spring booster at various locations across Bradford District and Craven from tomorrow (5 April).

We’re asking families, friends and carers to talk to loved ones who are at risk and help them get protected as appointments open for the COVID-19 Spring booster.

People eligible for the booster are at risk of serious health complications if they catch COVID-19, something that is entirely preventable with a quick vaccination.

Karen Dawber, chief nursing officer at Bradford Teaching Hospitals Trust and senior responsible officer for Bradford District and Craven’s vaccination programme, said: “COVID-19 is still circulating and although many of us have had it, it still poses a huge risk to our more vulnerable loved ones – like parents, grandparents and friends or family living with or having treatment for certain conditions.

“Support from family and friends can be a powerful motivator for vulnerable people taking up the offer of the COVID-19 vaccination and Spring booster, and can help people make informed decisions that protect their health and the health of those around them.”

Eligible people will be contacted by the NHS or their local GP with information on how to book an appointment. Alternatively, they can book an appointment at a centre of their choice using the online booking service or by calling 119 from 5 April. Appointments start from 17 April and will be available until the end of June.

Having a weakened immune system means your body will find it harder to fight infections, including COVID-19 so you are more likely to become seriously ill from the virus.

Protection from the vaccines decreases over time, particularly in older people or those with weakened immune systems. The extra vaccination is to help make sure those at greatest risk continue to have high levels of protection against the virus and help prevent them from becoming seriously ill or needing hospital care.

Anyone aged 5 and over who has not yet had their first or second COVID vaccination will also be able to get one during this time.

To aid conversations and for further information on spring vaccinations and the COVID vaccination programme, please visit