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Best 1001 Days

Let’s tell you a bit about OUR VISION

This is a transformation and improvement programme which aims to support services to deliver the best care possible with a multi organisational, cross-system approach.

“Working together to improve experiences and outcomes of the pregnancy and birth journey across Bradford District & Craven”.

The Best 1001 Days programme seeks to address the following key issues pertinent to Bradford District and Craven:

  • Smoking rates in pregnancy
  • Incidence of low birthweight babies
  • Contributory factors for stillbirth
  • Breastfeeding rates
  • Poor outcomes for the minority ethnic population
  • Perinatal mental concerns
  • Infant mental health
  • Genetic literacy

The characteristics of our population; pockets of deprivation and a large minority ethnic community, predispose families to poor maternal and neonatal outcomes. National recommendations need to be tailored to our unique and diverse population. We aim to do this by  ensuring that the voice of the community is considered throughout.

Read our Aims & Objectives

  • Improve the physical and mental health and wellbeing of pregnant people and their babies throughout Bradford District and Craven.
  • Ensure all women have early access to maternity and appropriate support services.
  • Applying the vision of the critical first 1001 days to address the significant and influential time from conception to 2 years; giving our community the best chance to thrive.
  • Better Births aims to target improvements in the most deprived areas, to reduce health inequalities of the most disadvantaged and those of minority ethnic groups.
  • Working together across systems and boundaries, we can support organisations to implement recommendations from national and local guidance such as the Ockenden report and Saving Babies Lives Care Bundle.



Our partnership

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Abbie speaking to the camera.Better BirthsInequalitiesLatest news
9 January 2024

Abbie’s story – maternity circles

Abbie is working to improve the experiences of women and families in Bradford District and Craven during pregnancy and early parenthood, through Maternity Circles. This is her story.Our workforce stories…

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