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Bradford District and Craven Health and Care Partnership will hold its first Partnership Board meeting in public on Tuesday 12 July 2022 at 2pm. The meeting is being held at The Mayfield Centre, Broadway Ave, Bradford BD5 9NP

As part of new legislation set out in the Health and Care Act 2022 which has seen the creation of integrated care systems including integrated care boards, the Bradford District and Craven Health and Care Partnership Board is a sub-committee of the NHS West Yorkshire Integrated Care Board. The partnership, also described as a place-based partnership, will focus on improving outcomes for people by addressing health inequalities, the difference in care received and effective use of budgets across the area. The Partnership Board is the new key decision-making body for health and care in Bradford District and Craven.

People attending the meeting are being advised to take precautions to minimise the spread of Covid-19. This includes staying a safe distance from others, practicing good hand hygiene and wearing a face covering should they choose to do so. Members attending the meeting will be offered a face covering, hand hygiene will be provided and appropriate social distancing will be in place. To keep everyone safe, anyone with symptoms of Covid-19 should not attend.

To ensure local people and communities are informed and able to influence decision-making, the Partnership Board is committed to being open and transparent:

  • all meetings will be held in public either online or, where safe to do so, face to face in accessible venues
  • papers for the meeting will be made available on its place-based partnership website seven days in advance unless there are exceptional circumstances
  • public questions will be gathered ahead of meetings and responses published. People attending the meetings held in public will also have an opportunity to ask questions during the meeting.

The Partnership Board further strengthens joint working arrangements between the NHS, councils, care providers and the voluntary, community and social enterprise sector. Together, the Partnership will ‘Act as One’ with the ambition of keeping people ‘happy, healthy at home.’

The Partnership Board meeting, held virtually, will be chaired by Elaine Appelbee, the newly appointed independent chair.

The key agenda items being discussed at the meeting on 12 July include:

  • Terms of reference – as a newly established committee of the West Yorkshire Integrated Care Board, the board will spend time on adoption of the terms of reference which will clarify the responsibilities of the board and its membership.
  • The Citizen’s Forum – board members will hear from the Citizens Forum, which will work with lots of community groups so that everyone’s voices can be heard and listened to by the board.
  • Proposed new five priority areas for our health and care partnership – discussions will take place about the new five priority areas which include: children and young people, mental health and learning disabilities and neuro-diversity, resilient communities, access to care, and workforce development. How our partnership focuses its teams on the priorities and the proposed action plans will also be outlined.

Copies of the agenda and meeting papers are available on the Bradford District and Craven Health and Care Partnership website at:

To ensure members of the public can have their say at the bi-monthly Board meetings held in public, there will be opportunities for people to ask questions. All questions submitted will be responded to after each meeting and published on our website. Questions about this month’s agenda items or any other matters are welcome.

You can submit questions and register to attend the meeting on our digital engagement platform at:


The next Partnership Board meeting will take place on Tuesday 13 September 2022 at 2pm.