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Bradford District and Craven Health and Care Partnership (BDC HCP) are coming to areas in Craven for the week starting Monday 10 October 2022 as part of their Listen in. They are wanting to listen to local people and understand what matters most to those who are receiving or have accessed health and care services.

Bradford District and Craven Health and Care Partnership make decisions about the health and care services in our area and is responsible for improving the wellbeing of everyone who lives here. We firmly believe that our communities have the most power to shape health and care decisions and we are here to listen to you and what you care about. We want to create opportunities for people to be involved in our decision-making processes and do this in innovative ways.

Elaine Appelbee, Chair of Bradford District and Craven Health and Care Partnership Board said: “I am thrilled we are launching our ‘Listen In’ week in Craven. We are grateful to all the groups helping us to meet with, and listen to, local people. We want to find out what matters most to people so that we better understand the health and care needs of our communities. Our senior leaders will be visiting groups throughout the week.

As a leadership team we believe it is important to spend time with members of our communities and to hear from them directly about the impact our decisions make on their day to day lives. We don’t want to assume we know all the answers. Hearing from local people about their experience of health and care services will help us to improve our services to benefit communities across Bradford District and Craven.”

The team will be at a variety of places around Craven starting Monday 10 October 2022. People are encouraged to share views on our online platform