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Health and wellbeing

Welcome to our new Health and Wellbeing Virtual Hub

The Health and Wellbeing Virtual Hub has been developed in collaboration with our partners, for everyone working in the health and social care sector across Bradford District and Craven.

The hub aims to provide a digital ‘Front Door’ for health and wellbeing resources by signposting to toolkits, top tips, support and initiatives that encourage self-care, self help and peer support as well as specialist help and support when you need it.

Health and wellbeing events
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Find out more about the virtual hub

This resource has been put together to signpost our workforce to the best practice health and wellbeing resources and support, which is accessible to all our health and care colleagues.

Partners have worked together to identify resources which are current and evidence based.  This is an ever changing landscape and broad in scope and your feedback on content that is no longer applicable, or your ideas for additional content that you feel would be beneficial, is key to the development of the site.  It would be fantastic if your suggestions could make the site more comprehensive and valuable over time.

How to use the virtual hub

The Health and Wellbeing Virtual Hub has a number of different sections;

  • Self care – Resources to help you take care of your everyday health and wellbeing
  • Health and wellbeing directory – An A-Z topic-led guide with some suggested links to specific support and services
  • Helping others – Resources for you to help you support family, friends, colleagues and your team
  • Support from employers- Links to role or employer specific health and wellbeing resources where these are available
  • Talk to someone – Support to help you in your informal day to day health and wellbeing conversations and also support and links to those who need specific support or help in a crisis

There are also links on each page to take you quickly to;

  • Help in a crisis
  • Health and wellbeing events
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Self care

Evidenced based resources for taking care of your everyday health and wellbeing


Health and wellbeing directory

A-Z topic-led resources and links

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Helping others

For carers and those supporting family, colleagues and teams

Help from employer icon

Support from employers

Links to employment related resources for you

Talk to someone icon

Talk to someone

Guidance, contacts and links for when you need more help