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Substance use

We want to create a system where no one with substance use issues falls through the gaps in health and social care services.

To achieve our vision, the Bradford District and Craven Health and Care Partnership will treat addiction as a chronic health condition, where people who need it can easily access support and treatment. We will address system gaps by introducing effective pathways and better integration.

How we support our people

There will be two main principles guiding improvements to substance use access and treatment:

  1. Everyone’s job: a joint approach from drug and alcohol and mental health providers and commissioners is required to meet the needs of people with co-occurring conditions.
  2. No wrong door: providers in mental health, drug and alcohol treatment and other providers should have an open door to people experiencing co-occurring conditions and treatment should be accessible through every contact point, making every contact count.

What this means to our place

We want to ensure that people with substance use needs:

  • Have access to opportunities to live life to their potential
  • Can easily access physical and mental health support
  • Receive high quality, recovery focused care
  • Are treated with respect.

How this demonstrates our partnership

We work as a partnership and closely with people with lived experience of substance use issues to make sure we deliver our aims and deliver on a number of projects including:

  • Improving integration and pathways for people with co-occurring mental health and substance use needs
  • Alcohol needs assessment and development of alcohol screening, identification and treatment
  • Increase in alcohol and drug support being delivered at place.