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Our committees and forums

Each committee will support the Bradford District and Craven Health and Care Partnership Board in the delivery of its strategic objectives by providing oversight and assurance, as described below.

You can see the membership and terms of reference for our three committees and two forums on our governance handbook page.

Finance and performance committee

Provides a collective focus on financial and performance outcomes with oversight and assurance on:

  • development and delivery of a viable and sustainable place financial plan
  • financial and operational robustness of business case proposals and impact on place partners
  • performance of Bradford district and Craven health and care system in relation to operational plan delivery, the NHS oversight framework requirements and local standards, targets and priorities and
  • management of risks affecting plan delivery

Quality committee

The Quality Committee provides assurance to the partnership board of the quality, safety and effectiveness of services and the contribution services make to improving health outcomes for local people. The role of the committee is as follows:

  • oversee and monitor delivery of the key statutory requirements relating to quality and patient safety and the Partnership’s response to all relevant (as applicable to quality). This will include the Patient Safety Incident Response Framework (PSIRF)
  • develop and maintain the strategic approach to quality assurance, reporting and monitoring, sharing learning and improvement activity across the partnership
  • test, challenge, inquire and explore intelligence evidencing the quality, safety, effectiveness and impact on clinical health outcomes of services. Ensuring concerns identified within partnership services are managed and that wider implications and trends are addressed
  • ensure that services are reflective of and responsive to local populations and people’s experiences
  • advise the Partnership Board in the formulation of overall clinical strategy
  • ensure effective communication with regulators and maintain an overview of changes in the methodology employed and changes in legislation / regulation and assure the Partnership Board that these are disseminated and implemented across all sites
  • receive assurance that the Partnership identifies lessons learned from all relevant sources, including, incidents, never events, complaints and claims and ensures that learning is disseminated and embedded
  • undertake such quality surveillance activity for commissioned services as from time to time required by the West Yorkshire Quality Group

People committee

The purpose of the People Committee is to receive ongoing assurance of the delivery of the partnership’s people plan. Its remit includes the below:

  • receive regular highlight reports to gain assurance that these outcomes of the 4 pillars of the integrated people plan are being achieved
  • review place based workforce issues and make recommendations on next steps to the Partnership Board
  • provide oversight and assurance of the workforce elements of the system planning process
  • seek assurance on the connectivity with programmes of work with health and care workforce partners across partners across place, ICS and across relevant transformational change programmes
  • encourage and seek assurance on the inclusion of horizon scanning and sharing the learning from the wider health, care and education systems, locally, regionally and nationally in order to ensure best practice and economies of scale are realised and to maximise funding opportunities
  • management of risks in respect of workforce

Clinical forum

Members of the Clinical Forum are asked to actively participate in developing a clinical strategy and associated narrative for Bradford District and Craven. The Clinical Forum supports the Bradford District and Craven Health and Care Partnership Board by providing a clinical lens on system performance. This remit includes the quality of health and care services and providing a mechanism for partner organisations to hold each other to account on quality, making appropriate links with other committees in place to support the work of the partnership. Other key responsibilities of the Clinical Forum are set out below.

  • Ensuring that all plans within the Bradford District and Craven are clinically led, evidence based, and configured to improve patient and population outcomes.
  • Ensuring the voice of the patients, service users and citizens is heard and reflected in all clinical forum discussions.
  • Maintaining and embedding clinical co-production as a core principle of the partnership. Supporting collaboration and strengthening partnerships between clinical colleagues.
  • Exhibiting clinical leadership and galvanising professional colleagues and partner organisations to agree models of care which support delivery to close the three gaps (health, care and finance) in Bradford District and Craven.
  • Championing change and evidence-based innovation within organisations and at Place.
  • Supporting the transition to new models of care, where appropriate.
  • Providing oversight and alignment of all clinical initiatives across Bradford District and Craven and across West Yorkshire ICS.
  • Supporting regular communication and engagement with all stakeholders
  • Supporting through review the evaluation and impact of all workstreams and plans
  • Providing innovative solutions to system-wide challenges, particularly where there are interdependencies between workstreams (including enablers) and local plans.
  • Providing input and support to the clinical representation on each of the workstreams.

Citizen forum

‘Citizen Forum’ describes a range of ways of bringing people together to influence decision-making – it is not a single fixed group, but an umbrella term which is supported by underpinning workstreams and involvement projects that support the ambitions of our partnership.

The Citizen Forum Steering Group oversees this work and provides assurance and advice to the Bradford District and Craven Health and Care Partnership Board. We work together to co-ordinate and plan how we speak to local people to make sure we listen as widely and as effectively as possible; to make sure we don’t duplicate work and to share skills and resources; and to ensure that insight from people and communities can influence our partnership and improve health and care for our population.

The Forum / steering group will advise and support the Bradford District and Craven Health and Care Partnership Board as follows:

  • The Steering Group will design and coordinate the arrangements for a ‘network of networks’, bringing together the wide range of involvement activity that takes place across Bradford and District.
  • The ‘Listen in’ programme of activity will gather and report insight from each of our six localities and report this insight to the Partnership Board and other place-based committees and programmes.
  • The Steering Group will advise the place-based partnership on methods of involving people and communities in decision-making, ensuring honesty and transparency in our governance arrangements.
  • The Steering Group will take responsibility for the partnership’s Experience of Care reporting and will inform relevant system committees of themes and issues in order that appropriate action can be taken.
  • The Steering Group will develop a forward plan that reflects the experience of the public and planned involvement activity across our place, to ensure maximum impact for our population and to enable local people and communities to influence the work of the Bradford District and Craven Health and Care Partnership and the West Yorkshire Integrated Care System.

Planning and commissioning forum

Our planning and commissioning forum brings together partners who have responsibility for planning and funding (commissioning) services. The forum has been set up to help ensure we are increasingly joined up when making decisions on how we will use our resources to commission services that help deliver the best possible outcomes within the budget available to us. We call this integrated commissioning.

Through integrated commissioning, we can be flexible to changes happening within health and care as well as broader partnership developments. This includes our work within the NHS West Yorkshire Integrated Care Board, our work supporting the wider West Yorkshire integrated care system and the Bradford Children’s and Families Trust.

One of the first steps we have taken is to publish our strategic integrated commissioning plan for 2023-2025. The aim is that this will guide our system-wide and shared priorities for the next year and beyond. Over time we expect to see more joined up working leading to longer term joint strategic plans being published, so that our partners and our communities can see where we will focus our resources.

Read our strategic integrated commissioning plan for 2023-2025.