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Strategic Partnering Agreement (SPA)

The Bradford District and Craven Strategic Partnering Agreement (SPA) is an agreement between all the health and care sector partner organisations that work within our district.

It describes an approach to shared decision making and how shared resources are committed.  Our Partnership Leadership Executive agreed to become guardians of the SPA to deliver our aim of enabling people and communities to be healthy, happy and at home.

The partnership has agreed to a set of key principles about how partners will work together in a cooperative and joined up way to deliver better outcomes for the people of Bradford district and Craven.

On this page, you’ll also find our strategy and joint forward plan.

SPA Principles

The Partners will act together as one and lead in ways that model and promote the following shared principles:

  • Act as one team, working towards one vision, joined in our greater purpose to improve population health outcomes. We will be ambitious for the people we serve and the staff we employ.
  • Use leadership for the whole of our Partnership, as well as for our individual organisations and for West Yorkshire, behaving in ways which show our shared values.
  • Support each other working together towards continuous improvement and trust that each partner is working for the good of the people and communities we serve.
  • Act with honesty and integrity, questioning helpfully when we need to, and trusting each other to do the same.
  • Progress shared priorities and decisions, be able to explain and accept responsibility for delivering improved outcomes and reduced inequalities.
  • Listen to people and act on their feedback.
  • Understand that we are responsible for the health and care system on behalf of our citizens, now and for future generations. We will build positive relationships with communities, groups, and organisations for the long term. Together we will tackle the wide range of issues that impact people’s health and wellbeing.
  • Do the work once: repeating or multiple organisations doing the same work should be avoided because this can be wasteful and a possible source of disagreement.
  • Undertake a shared review of problems and issues as the basis for taking action.
  • Make sure that work takes place at the appropriate level and as near to the people, families and communities that need them, as possible.
  • Create a culture of civility and kindness that makes our partnership a great place to work, where everyone feels like they belong.

Read the full SPA (PDF download).


Our partnership strategy sets out our strategic ambition to reduce health inequalities and improve population health and wellbeing for the people of Bradford district and Craven.  We are committed to our partnership vision of keeping people ‘Happy, Healthy at Home’ through the actions taken to support our population to stay healthy, well, and independent throughout their whole life.

This strategy sets out our vision, shared purpose, and commitments as a health and care place-based partnership. Its audience is those who work in health, care and wellbeing in Bradford district and Craven – our Place.

Read about our strategy on the Our Purpose page or download a copy of the strategy (pdf) and strategy plan on a page (pdf).

Joint Forward Plan

Bradford District and Craven Health and Care Partnership has developed its Joint Forward Plan:

• To provide a single view on how the partnership will operationalise its strategy
• To provide clarity for the Partnership Board so it can hold our system to account for the delivery of our key transformational objectives
• To enable West Yorkshire Integrated Care Board (ICB) and NHS England to recognise and understand how our plans contribute to the delivery of the West Yorkshire Joint Forward Plan and Integrated Care Board Strategy.

Download a copy of our partnership’s Joint Forward Plan (pdf).

You can find West Yorkshire ICB’s Joint Forward Plan on their website.