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Involving communities and people

Community group of Muslim women working on a craft activity

The Bradford District and Craven Health and Care Partnership makes decisions about the health and care services in our area. By working together more closely, our partnership wants to make sure that our services are easy to access, joined up, and provided as close to where people live as possible.

We firmly believe that our communities have the most power to create health and should be equal partners when it comes to decision making. We create opportunities for people to be involved in our decision-making processes and to shape the way our services are designed. We work together to develop innovative and inclusive ways for people to be involved and share their experiences.

Join our online community – engage.bdc is a website and space for the people of Bradford District and Craven to share ideas, exchange experiences and ask us questions so that together with can shape future decisions about health and care.

Some of the current projects you can get involved are:

  • Listen in – tell us what matters most to you
  • Partnership Board – ask senior leaders your questions
  • Maternity Voices Partnership – share experiences of maternity care

By joining this online community you will be able to have conversations with our partnership and local people.

Take a look at engage.bdc

Citizen Forum

The Citizen Forum is not a meeting, it is a movement.

In our partnership, the Citizen Forum has an important role in assurance, helping to shape and inform decisions, alongside the System Quality Committee, People Committee and other groups.

We’re going beyond filling a ‘Citizen Forum’ box by taking a different approach – not a meeting, a movement.

Underpinning this movement, we have a steering group, drawn from across our partnership, which is developing a shared framework and whose job is to create the conditions for this movement to thrive.

Over the last twelve months, we have been working on three projects:

  • delivering the ‘Listen in…’ programme
  • building our online space for community dialogue
  • networking our networks to increase shared insight, identify gaps, and reduce duplication

Register on to be kept informed and join our movement.