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MyWellbeing IAPT Service, a free NHS talking therapies service which has helped thousands of people with common mental health conditions across Bradford, Airedale, Wharfedale and Craven has been given a new name.

MyWellbeing IAPT Service, a service offered by Bradford District Care NHS Foundation Trust, will now be known as NHS Talking Therapies, following a national rebrand of talking therapy services across the country.

With the tagline ‘for anxiety and depression’, the new name hopes to make it easier for people to understand what help and support the service offers and be consistent with similar services across the country.

Twenty-eight-year-old Amy Jackson, who has used the service, welcomed the name change and credits NHS Talking Therapies with supporting her with her mental wellbeing. Amy realised that her anxiety was holding her back in life. Amy reached out to NHS Talking Therapies and has never looked back, crediting the service with giving her a new lease of life. Amy is now using her own experience to encourage other people to get support.

Amy sadly lost both her stepfather and auntie within months of each other when she was twenty years of age. This was the catalyst for anxiety and low mood that was managed through medication until Amy decided to seek help. Amy benefited from enrolling on an online group course available through the service, leading to a boost in mood and tools to manage anxiety that has had a positive life changing impact on her.

Elaborating further Amy explained: “I first started with anxiety when I was about twenty, just after my stepdad passed away. I was also diagnosed with depression at the age of 15, so the anxiety and depression have kind of gone hand-in-hand. I’d lost my stepdad and four months later I lost my auntie, all in the same year.  It had a really big impact.  I was trying to support my mum and didn’t deal with the bereavement or grieve properly myself, which is what I think caused the anxiety. I didn’t know what to do with any sort of emotion I felt or how to deal with it.  This made me feel even more anxious.  I didn’t want to leave the house or see people. I shut myself off, which didn’t help with the depression.  I was on and off medication and I felt so bad that I was willing to try anything to tackle the issue.”

Amy continued: “I’d been on a one-to-one course with another provider, but it didn’t work for me, so I was a little bit apprehensive about doing another course.  The NHS Talking Therapies course was absolutely brilliant and being in a group setting was actually a lot better for me.  This made me realise that other people were feeling the same as me, so I didn’t feel abnormal for being anxious or having low mood. The group was lovely and so supportive.  It was great to hear how people were benefiting from the course as it progressed over the six-week period.

“I’ve never been able to deal with my anxiety very well, so the course has made a real difference.  I’m no longer on medication and feel the best I’ve felt in years. I still have the odd bad day, but I’ve got the supporting material to refer back to when I need it and can practice the useful exercises if I’m ever feeling anxious.

Amy credits the course with improving her emotional wellbeing and is encouraging others who are considering getting help to go for it.  Amy said: “I’m feeling amazing since I’ve been on the course and would advise anyone thinking of seeking help to do it as it can be lifechanging.”

Naomi Holdsworth, Operations Service Manager NHS Bradford Talking Therapies said: “It’s really brave of Amy to share her experience and how NHS Talking Therapies has helped her, we’re hoping that Amy’s story will encourage others to seek support, alongside the name change to make it easier for people to understand what we offer as a service.

“We’re excited about our new name NHS Talking Therapies, as we look to help people like Amy experiencing common mental health problems, such as anxiety and depression, through talking therapy.”

The newly named NHS Talking Therapies will still provide the same quality service to people across the district and will be delivered by the same staff.

Alongside group courses, NHS Talking Therapies offers a range of options to suit individual needs, including phone advice or one-to-one courses at a range of locations available across the district. The website also offers a range of free guides and tools to help people better manage life’s ups and downs.

How people access the service will also remain unchanged, it is still open to anyone over the age of 16 who is registered with a GP in Bradford, Wharfedale, Airedale or Craven. People don’t have to go through their GP to access support.

From the 16 August 2023 people accessing support can register online at:

For information on all mental health and wellbeing support services in Bradford and Craven and self-help resources and apps, visit