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NHS 75

On 5 July 2023, the NHS will mark 75 years of service. We will be celebrating this milestone by showcasing the best of the NHS in Bradford District and Craven and encouraging as many people as possible to take part and join in NHS 75 activities.

Treating over a million people a day, the NHS has been a constant presence throughout our lives and now is the chance to celebrate its innovation and achievements over the years. We can all play a role in supporting the NHS in this special birthday year.

On this page, you’ll find everything we’ll be doing as a partnership and how you can get involved in celebrating the NHS, one of the UK’s most beloved institutions.

Watch the video below to hear from Mel Pickup, Bradford District and Craven Health and Care Partnership, on what the NHS means to her.

Get involved

There are many ways you can get involved in the NHS 75 celebrations. You could take part in the ‘Our 75 people’ challenge – make a pledge – or attend an event. Find out more below…

Our 75 people challenge

To celebrate and recognise the incredible work of our partnership’s health and care staff and volunteers, we are asking you to be part of ‘Our 75 People’ challenge by sharing your story. To take part all you need to do is record a short mobile selfie video, telling us about yourself, your role, and what the NHS means to you, either personally or professionally.

How to share your story

Simply record your selfie video on your mobile phone (30-50 seconds duration) and submit it using this online form. If you do not want to record a video you can submit your story in written format alongside a photo of yourself. Everyone who sends in a submission will be entered into a prize draw which will take place on Tuesday 4 July 2023.

Make a pledge

White text on a blue background. Text says: Pledge NHS 75

We want to encourage colleagues across our place to make a goodwill public pledge as a show of support for the NHS.

We know our workforce is one of the best there is and by signing up to one of these pledges you can help play a role in supporting the NHS this special birthday year such as by donating blood or getting involved in local research.

Our aim is to reach over 75 pledges from colleagues in both clinical or non-clinical roles, those working in the VCS and local authority sectors, and independent care providers.

Commit now to one of the following pre-set list of pledges by visiting our dedicated webpage and submitting your official pledge!

  • Donate blood
  • Parkrun for the NHS
  • VCSE volunteer support
  • Donate to our Trust charities
  • Get involved in local research
  • Become an NHS ambassador
  • Become a mental health first aider

Local events

There are a range of events taking place across our partnership to celebrate the NHS 75th birthday. From NHS Big Tea parties to parkruns – read more about the events taking place below.

Wellbeing walks

In celebration of the 75th birthday of the NHS, we invite partnership colleagues to join us on one of three planned wellbeing walks starting and ending at Scorex House.

The walks will take place during lunch times during the week commencing 3 July and it will be a great way for you to get in 20 minutes of movement to your day. Our Communications and Involvement team will guide people on the GreenLine mile walk, a circular route that navigates around Bradford city.

Visit the Bradford Council website to see the GreenLine mile routes.

We will be kicking off the walks  from the entrance of the Scorex House car park at 12pm on the following dates: Monday 3 July, Wednesday 5 July; and Thursday 6 July.

We look forward to seeing you there! So join us, and take a step towards enhancing your wellbeing.

Parkrun for the NHS

The NHS has teamed up with parkrun UK to mark the NHS’s 75th anniversary this July. NHS staff, volunteers, and local communities, are encouraged to ‘parkrun for the NHS’ at parkrun events on Saturday 8 July or junior parkrun events on Sunday 9 July.

Find your local parkrun on the parkrun website – there are several in Bradford District and Craven!

Light up blue

To help mark the 75-year milestone, buildings, historic monuments and other high-profile sites across the country are encouraged to ‘light up’ blue (the colour of the NHS) on the evening of the Wednesday 5 July. Local buildings to light up blue will include Bradford City Hall.

NHS charity events

Our local NHS charities will be holding a number of events throughout July, so head to their websites to find out what they’ll be doing.

Visit Airedale Hospital & Community Charity’s website

Visit Bradford Hospitals’ Charity website

Visit Better Lives (BDCT) Charity website

Celebrating our partnership

Bradford District and Craven serves a population of around 650,000 people with a health and care workforce of around 33,000 supported by over 5,000 voluntary and community sector organisations. The partnership is made up of NHS, local authority, Healthwatch, community and voluntary sector organisations and independent care providers working towards a vision of people living ‘happy, healthy at home’.

Find out about some of our partnership’s key achievements in the drop down list below.

Access to care

  • Life-saving lung health checks since 2019 have helped catch cancer earlier and improve patient outcomes. More than 2,800 people have had a CT scan, which has identified over 100 suspected lung cancers. The scans will now become available at all GP practices across Bradford District and Craven.

    Find out more.

  • Over 3,600 people have accessed wellbeing hubs, reducing pressure on GP practices, and receiving vital support to deal with difficulties such as welfare benefits advice and mental health.

    Find out more.

  • Rethinking Pain provides non-medical, community-based support for people with long-term chronic pain conditions.  Over 700 referrals to the services have been made, helping free up primary care capacity and reduce reliance on pain medication.

    Find out more.

  • Our popular Assist IT tool is a ‘one-stop-shop’ for doctors during consultations, allowing them to access useful guidelines, pathway information and make referrals – it achieves over 25,000 hits per month from GPs.

Healthy communities

  • Across Community Partnerships there are 31 funded projects underway aimed at reducing health inequalities underpinned by the Core20PLUS5 National Framework, these include Community Health Checks, Maternity Circles and Health Coaching.
  • Living Well’s 20 Minute Movement campaign has signed up 83 organisations representing 20,000 workers and 34 primary schools.

    Find out more.

  • Bradford Genes & Health is a long-term study of people of Bangladeshi and Pakistani origin to study diseases and treatments with the aim of finding new ways of improving health for communities, especially focusing on diabetes and heart disease.

    Find out more


Healthy Minds

  • Since 2019, there has been over 100,000 visits to the Healthy Minds website from people seeking mental health advice and information about support services.
  • Over 23,000 people have used the digital wellbeing assistant on the Healthy Minds website to find out about suitable services, self-help guides and available apps.

    Find out more.

  • Our Healthy Minds apprentice programme has delivered mental health and wellbeing workshops in 102 schools to over 12,000 children and young people over the last 4 years.

    Find out more.

Healthy children and families

  • Since late 2022, 275 colleagues have completed Tier 1 Adversity, Trauma and Resilience training to help people who have experienced abuse, violence, neglect, poverty or discrimination.

    Find out more.

  • BDCT’s Little Minds Matter supports babies and families in Bradford to get the best possible start in life. It offers support including a baby massage group, building confidence as a parent and dealing with challenges.

    Find out more.

  • Working with Family Action, referrals from Midwives into the Family Action perinatal mental health peer support service have shot up 39%, helping prevent deterioration of mental health and lessen the need for more intensive intervention.

    Find out more.

  • Last winter, we distributed 3,000 room thermometers to families on the postnatal wards. Recognising the difficulties families are facing to maintain a safe and comfortable temperature in the homes, the aim was to promote the best temperature for safe sleeping babies.

    Find out more.


  • Following the launch of the Adult Social Care Academy – to link job seekers into entry level roles into social care – the partnership has during 2022/23 put over 155 people who were job ready forward for interviews and 30 more are starting their care certificate qualification.