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We are proud to be launching a new insight-led campaign based on behaviour science across Bradford District and Craven in October and November.

‘It’s a GP Practice Thing’ aims to increase awareness of how GP practices are working, the range of services offered and the specialist team members who are available to help people get the care they need.

We’ve developed the campaign by working with local patient groups and primary care staff across Bradford and Craven to co-create the most effective messages, design style, community language versions and marketing channels. 

The campaign aims to cut through and stand out to encourage behaviour change and promote better understanding of primary care against the backdrop of a challenging context for both practices and patients.

The patient and community groups and primary care colleagues we spoke to, identified that the campaign needed to:

  • Show the different ways in which GP practices can be contacted including booking and managing appointments online 
  • Reinforce the expertise of GP practice staff and raise awareness of some of the common medical problems that they’re trained to deal with
  • Increase the understanding that the range of skilled healthcare professionals means people don’t always need to see a doctor
  • Remove the mysticism around how triaging works
  • Show real routes to care that meant people avoided taking time away from work or children out of school
  • Address the audience in an empathetic tone

Assets available

  • Animation 
  • Printed booklet 
  • Printed posters
  • Social media graphics

The printed booklet and the animation will be translated into, Urdu, Bengali, Polish Romanian and a BSL video.

We’re committed to making sure this campaign has a positive impact on practice colleagues and patients and would truly appreciate your support with the campaign and helping us to reach all corners of our community with ‘It’s a GP Practice Thing’.

The campaign will be evaluated to identify learning that will help refine and develop future phases of the campaign. 

All the creative assets can be located on our website along with a form to order printed copies of the leaflets and posters.