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Find out more about our priorities and enablers

Our Bradford District and Craven Health and Care Partnership has a vision that we Act as One with the ambition of keeping people ‘happy, healthy at home’.

To help deliver our vision we have worked on setting out five priority areas that we must work together on as a partnership so that we can make progress in achieving our vision. These five priority areas are supported by four enabler programmes and a series of key partnership functions.

Our health and care partnership has been working together to refresh our priorities which are as below. Use the links below to find out more about what each priority is looking to focus on and how the work of each area links back to our strategy guided by our four Ps – purpose, place, population and partnership.

Learn more about the GP Practice thing initiative

Strategic reset

To find out how we developed our priorities and our enablers please see our strategic priorities re-set page.  These priorities replaced our previous transformation programmes, however the work of these programmes has been transferred to one of the five priorities, you can see which programmes sit under which priority area by using the links above.

Learn more about the GP Practice thing initiative

How are we getting on with our priorities?

Read about our year in review