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Our workforce

Our vision is to have a proud and compassionate health and social care workforce that reflects and is built around the assets of our local communities. Our people have the skills and knowledge to meet the needs of local employers leading to more people in work. The sector in return provides our well-looked after people with a career for life, through good jobs and progression routes within our district – enabling our workforce to Act as One to keep people happy, healthy and at home.

Our integrated people plan helps us set out our key priorities for our workforce.

The focus for our work is as follows:

  • Growing and retaining our workforce. Grow our collective workforce for the future by recruiting and retaining our people. To be the best place to work; enabling people to progress and fulfil their potential by providing ‘careers for life’.
  • Looking after our people. For our people to be safe and well at work, physically and psychologically
  • Creating a sense of belonging. To create a compassionate and inclusive culture where everyone feels they belong, have a voice and feel empowered to make a difference.
  • Developing new ways of working. To transform the way we deliver care by maximising digitalisation and enabling our people to act as one.’
Visit our Health and Wellbeing hub

Welcome to our new health and wellbeing virtual hub

The hub aims to provide a digital ‘Front Door’ for health and wellbeing resources for our health and care workforce by signposting to toolkits, top tips, support and initiatives. It encourage self-care, self-help and peer support as well as specialist help and support when you need it

Visit our health and wellbeing hub

Visit one workforce hub

More help for our workforce

Visit one workforce hub

For all information and guidance about careers, career planning, learning and development, qualifications and more

please visit us at One Workforce Hub