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Healthy Minds is now recruiting apprentices across Bradford District and Craven. The apprenticeship is an entry level post working with children and young people to educate them on how to look after their mental health and how to access support.

The apprentices will have the opportunity to work with the Bradford District and Craven Health and Care Partnership, local schools, and voluntary and community sector organisations. All applications will need to be submitted by Friday 22 July, a copy of the job description and application form can be found on the Healthy Minds website or you can call 07706 355578 for this to be posted out to you.

Therese Patten, Chief Executive for Bradford District Care NHS Foundation Trust and Chair for the Bradford District and Craven Health and Care Partnership Board for Mental Health, Learning Disabilities and Neurodiversity, said: “Our children and young people are our greatest asset as a district, and it is their voice and involvement that is shaping and improving our services. The Healthy Minds apprentices can share their own experience and of others, their expertise and ideas will help us to ensure that we focus our plans for improving mental wellbeing services on what matters to them.

“This year we’ve had two of the apprentices who have worked on the SEND (special educational needs and disability) programme. Working alongside clinicians and senior leaders, their role has been to make sure that the mental health services we deliver across the district are accessible for children and young people with SEND.

“I would encourage people to apply as the apprenticeship is a brilliant opportunity to help shape mental health services for children and young people across the district.”

Jodie, Healthy Minds Apprentice, said: “I wanted to become a Healthy Minds apprentice as I’m passionate about children and young people’s mental health. I want to use my voice to help improve mental health services for children and young people across Bradford District and Craven, and I’ve had the chance to do this as an apprentice. Becoming an apprentice helped me build my confidence for this role, public speaking and taking lead on new projects.

“The apprenticeship has definitely set me up for the future, as I’ve gained experience in working with professionals, service users and their parents and carers for SEN (special educational needs), crisis support, early intervention and prevention. I know the apprenticeship will open many doors for me in my career journey.

“You will have the opportunity to work and shadow the current apprentices for about three months, so that you get a feel of what the role will involve and what will be expected from you. All the new apprentices will get the chance to work with local health and care leaders, schools, voluntary and community sector organisations, and you’ll gain a lot of knowledge from the people you work alongside. It will help you understand how mental health services work across Bradford District and Craven and the partnership work across different organisations, and where you’ll be able to influence some of the key decision making that best supports children and young people across the district.

“Individuals will have the opportunity to use creative arts, literature, music, video and social media to help children and young people express themselves. The opportunities are endless, and I would strongly encourage you to apply.”

Michael, Healthy Minds Apprentice Line Manager, said: “We’ve had two cohorts of the Healthy Minds apprentices, both cohorts have been very successful and we’re now in the process of recruiting to the third cohort.

“The apprenticeship is a fantastic opportunity for an entry level post working with children and young people. No previous experience is required, as you’ll be given training (all paid for), you’ll get mentored from senior colleagues as well as gaining a Level 3 CLPO qualification whilst undertaking the apprenticeship.

“Some of our previous and current apprentices have been offered permanent positions in the schools they’ve worked in, couple of them are going to university, and other have secured jobs in different sectors. The apprenticeship really does open doors for you, if you want to have a chat about the apprenticeship, you can email or call 07706 355578 and ask for Michael Davis.”

The apprenticeship will be a 15-month contract with a planned start date on Monday 1 August, all individuals will gain a level 3 cultural learning and participation officer (CLPO) qualification at the end of their apprenticeship (fully funded). To apply for the apprenticeship, please visit the Healthy Minds website

Apprenticeship opportunity poster featuring an image of an apprentice called Ali T