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People development

Through our people development priority, we want to work together to attract and retain the best people, with the right approach/skills/knowledge and experience, in the right numbers to deliver our vision of helping people live ‘happy, healthy at home’. Our workforce covers those working across our health and care partnership – people employed by the NHS, local authorities, independent care providers and through the voluntary and community sector (VCS).

To help deliver our vision we have four pillars to our work.

  • Retaining our workforce by supporting the health and wellbeing of our workforce including access to services to help people experiencing mental ill health, menopause, long Covid or the impacts of the cost of living crisis.
  • Leadership and belonging so that people work in an environment that is supportive, inclusive and creates a culture that helps people ‘Act as One’ through a sense of belonging and shared purpose. To do this we are working on shared leadership programmes, organisational development across the partnership and shared opportunities for staff networks to guide our work.
  • Embracing new ways of working so that people can contribute to the work of our other priorities and enablers across our partnership. This includes promoting opportunities for collaboration, new roles and learning and development opportunities.
  • Growing our workforce so that we can have the right numbers of people working across our health and care system. This includes promoting the breadth of career options for school leavers through to experienced people in other sectors, providing work placement and experience opportunities and creating easier opportunities for entry level recruitment.

Our purpose

Our purpose we want to recruit, retain and grow our health and care workforce so that we can deliver our vision of keeping people ‘happy, healthy at home’. We want to demonstrate that a career within health and care in Bradford District and Craven can help fulfil people’s personal ambition and in turn help us to address the current and anticipated workforce challenges that affect the sector locally, regionally and nationally.

Our population

Our population we have around 33,000 people working in health and care roles across our partnership. This number is made up of people working in a range of roles across the NHS, local authorities, independent care providers and the voluntary and community sector. Our workforce is diverse in both the way it is made up, the skills we have and the broad range of roles available to people. We recognise that having a good, stable job plays a key role in tackling inequalities and are committed to offering opportunities for our local population to be part of our workforce.

Our partnership

Our partnership goes beyond just Bradford District and Craven as we recognise the challenges that are facing the health and care sector in recruiting and retaining colleagues. We are working with national and West Yorkshire partners to deliver on our people plan, while recognising that as a place-based partnership we need to make Bradford District and Craven an attractive place for people to start and develop their careers and in turn attracting others to work here.

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