Healthy Minds

Who we are…

Healthy Minds is a directory of mental health groups and services working together to help you lead a happier life

Our directory lists more than 250 support services and activities

We provide helplines and one-to-one counselling to peer support and walking groups with organisations

We work closely with:

  • Organisations such as NHS and Bradford Council
  • Mental health charities such as Mind in Bradford and the Cellar Trust
  • Community groups across the district that can help you meet new people and try different activities.
Healthy Minds is your first step to mental health support in Bradford District and Craven in yellow

Mental health and wellbeing has become something that concerns us all. It is now part of mainstream conversation in schools, colleges, workplaces and homes. One in four of us is struggling with our mental health right now.

We have a range of services to support you. Visit our website for easy access to information with the chance to make informed choices. Healthy Minds – Mental health support in Bradford and Craven

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