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Organisations and colleagues across Bradford District and Craven have come together to mark this year’s Race Equality Week (REW) by launching the second stage of an award-winning anti-racism movement.

Root Out Racism (ROR), which has picked up a prestigious Health Service Journal Award, was launched by the West Yorkshire Health and Care Partnership in 2021 and included a high-profile visible event that happened in Bradford’s City Park. The movement was launched following an independent review into the experiences of ethnically diverse staff and communities in West Yorkshire. The review was commissioned in response to the murder of George Floyd in America.

Bradford District and Craven is taking a leading role in renewing its commitment to dismantling and eradicating institutional racism across the district. To mark REW, running from 5th – 11th February, partners across Bradford District and Craven are leading the way by being the first in West Yorkshire to launch the second stage of the Root Out Racism movement.

Ali Jan Haider, chair of West Yorkshire Health and Care Partnership’s staff Race Equality Network and lead for the ROR stage two movement at Bradford District and Craven Health and Care partnership said: “The second stage of the ROR is action focused, which falls in line with this year’s REW 2024 theme to #ListenActChange. This stage of ROR aims to drive a culture which is anti-racist, an environment where unconscious and conscious bias is challenged, and a system where institutional racism that perpetuates inequality, favouritism and unfair outcomes is seen as and dealt with as any other serious incident.

“To do this the ROR core team have prioritised:

  • the maternity journey and experiences of black and south Asian women
  • mental health support in the community for ethnically and culturally diverse communities
  • supporting young people into employment from ethnically and culturally diverse communities
  • addressing educational inequality in minoritised communities.”

Action that is being taken as part of these priorities includes mandatory training and development for staff across all sectors, clear representation of ethnically diverse staff across organisations in the district, listening and engaging with ethnically diverse communities and sharing their stories and lived experience of racism. ROR will also drive a commitment from leaders and all senior and middle managers to evidence their commitment to supporting the movement.

Race equality is everyone’s business and staff working in organisations across the district are encouraged to attend a series of events hosted by the Race Equality Network. View and sign up to events as part of REW here.

Mel Pickup, Place Lead, Bradford District and Craven Health and Care Partnership said: “Racism continues to exist within structures and organisations across our district. This means that people and communities in our district continue to face racial inequalities and experience discrimination. This is not acceptable.

“We proudly celebrate the richness of cultural backgrounds, experiences, and perspectives that a diverse population brings. There is no place for racism in Bradford District and Craven. We are committed to getting this right, with no excuses and will continue to inform, challenge and call out any behaviour that goes against our firm commitment to being anti-racist.”

Race Equality Week is an annual UK-wide movement uniting hundreds of thousands of organisations and individuals to address the barriers to race equality in the workplace. The theme, #ListenActChange, was selected by the Race Equality Matters community as it reflects ongoing findings and feedback. In particular:

  • Only 25% of the Race Equality Matters community believes their organisation focuses on action, change, and impact, and not just words.
  • 63% believe that less than a quarter of allies are actually helping to tackle race inequality.
  • 44% said their senior leaders and managers are committed to tackling race inequality, but only 21% said their senior leaders and managers are making an impact in tackling race inequality.

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