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Innovation Hub

Bradford District & Craven Health and Care Partnership hosts one of four innovation hubs funded by The Health Foundation’s Adopting Innovation programme which builds the knowledge, skills, and confidence within health systems to successfully adopt and adapt proven innovations.

Our hub is embedded with the Bradford District and Craven Health and Care Partnership and hosted by Bradford District Care NHS Foundation Trust.  We act as one with partners, staff, and local communities to bring our shared priorities to life.  Where helpful, we draw in support from regional or national innovators and other partners.

We encourage implementation of all kinds of innovations – ways of working, care models, technologies, products – that are evidenced to have potential to improve outcomes and to address health inequalities.

The language around innovation in health can be confusing, in the Bradford District and Craven Innovation Hub we use the simple descriptions set out in The Health Foundation’s 2018 report, The Spread Challenge:

“New approaches, practices, treatments, technologies and services that aim to improve health care.” 


We champion innovation adoption, demonstrate the benefits and provide guidance on implementation.

We bring innovation to life through sharing stories that connect hearts and minds.

We stimulate creative thinking and nurture conditions where people feel able to experiment with new ideas and participate in adopting innovations.


We connect people to information, learning, networks, and resources to support health and care innovation in Bradford District and Craven.

We build a community of practice that will make it easier for everyone to access the collective knowledge and capabilities in the system.

We take a collaborative approach to maximise impact.


We support our people to act as one and prioritise opportunities to make the most positive change.

We are flexible with our resources, using them across the system in ways that maximise impact.

We share knowledge, ideas, and connections to help people implement innovations and improve outcomes.

Get involved

Our Bradford District and Craven Innovation Hub is looking for a team of colleagues who can help drive forward this initiative.

We need people with an interest in innovation and skills in one or more of the following areas:

  • education and training
  • co-production and community engagement
  • organisational development
  • equality, diversity, and inclusion
  • service or project management
  • research and development
  • quality improvement

You might be in a clinical or non-clinical role and could be at any level in your career. We welcome interest from colleagues working in any sector or organisation within Bradford District and Craven Health and Care Partnership, for more information email