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Let’s tell you a bit about OUR VISION

The respiratory programme has an ambition to “Identify, diagnose and agree care planning for people with respiratory disease early, including their physical and mental health care needs.”

Our programme focuses on supporting people with respiratory disease to manage their condition well, to help keep them safe at home and provide necessary tools and techniques to improve their ability to self-care.

Education on lung health is vital in maintaining stability with complex conditions such as COPD. We aim to provide accessible support for people from diagnosis and continue providing accessible care throughout their life. Education also includes medication, what it is, how to use it and how it helps for example – how to use inhalers correctly.  We are keen to promote virtual care and offer options such as 24/7 monitoring for certain lung conditions along with the support of an App to record vital stats.

With our programme we will see people managing their health well, reducing avoidable hospital admissions, and having a coordinated work force acting as one.

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