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Updated 18 June 2024

We are writing in response to colleagues who have raised concerns about our local ‘It’s a GP practice thing’ campaign. Unfortunately, serious but genuine errors in our campaign have placed valued colleagues under significant pressure from negative comments on social media.

We would like to make it explicit that these colleagues did not intentionally misrepresent their roles; they consented to be photographed for the campaign in good faith and the errors were ours. We would like to issue a sincere apology for those colleagues whose roles have been mistakenly misrepresented.  We are undertaking a rapid internal review to understand how this mistake has happened and ensure it does not happen again in the future.

The campaign was developed using community insight as well as the involvement of GP practice colleagues and clinical leads in Bradford District and Craven. The campaign sets out to help people understand the range of roles working alongside doctors in their General Practice team.

We now recognise that despite receiving feedback from one of our clinical leads, we had not updated all our campaign resources. Therefore, the title of physician associate has been incorrectly labelled as physician and although a corrected version of the leaflet was produced, it had not been changed on posters or animations. In addition, there are two other titles with the word ‘specialist’ being used which has been highlighted as incorrect, and a healthcare assistant mistakenly described as ‘nurse’. These are significant errors and should have been avoided.

While every care and effort are taken through our campaign planning cycles to ensure materials are accurate, on this occasion mistakes were made. We are truly sorry for this as we know the overarching campaign and messaging has been well received by colleagues in primary care and wider community partners.

We will be reviewing and correcting all campaign materials to ensure they are accurate and use the correct titles for colleagues working in general practice teams.

If you’d like to remain involved in shaping our future resources, please email us