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Digital Health

People First: Digital First is an initiative across our partnership which involves all health services working collaboratively to share information as part of a new tech-driven health improvement programme.

Designed around the needs of local communities, People First: Digital First will put de-identified medical information to work, turning under-used and routinely collected health data into better health and care services for patients.

By securely linking information together from across primary, secondary and community services, research teams based in Bradford can better understand how patients move across and through the local health system. This ‘big picture’ perspective will allow services to be re-designed, offering more personalised and prevention-focused support to patients.

People First: Digital First provides a vision for the Bradford District and Craven Health and Care Partnership where:

  • There are fully interoperable electronic health records
  • Staff and citizens are equipped and prepared to use digital tools in health, wellness and care
  • Clinical engagement in digital initiatives ensure solutions are helping clinicians to better care for patients
  • We continue to be a vanguard for telemedicine in care homes which means care homes have video conferencing access to clinicians
  • By using artificial intelligence to analyse our data we can assist in determining when patients would do better with other interventions than coming into hospital
  • We are able to use tele-medicine and technology to ‘see’ patients where they are and help them manage their conditions better outside of hospital with and without our virtual help
  • We employ home monitoring devices instead of in-hospital monitoring to keep people happy, healthy, at home.

You can read more about
People First: Digital first on our website