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It’s a GP Practice Thing

What is ‘a GP Practice Thing?’

To find out more about this campaign, please read our blog

Logo with a green tick and the wording that says It's a GP practice thing


Members of the public, here you will find information about how GP practices are working, including translated leaflets and videos.

Take a look at our three- minute animation ‘It’s a GP practice Thing’

Read our guide on ‘Everything you need to know about your GP practice’

Colleagues, here you will find all the resources you need to roll out the campaign across your GP practice or community setting.

It's a GP Practice Thing (June 2023)

Translated versions

Find a translated version of the animation, a native language audio file to listen to and a PDF version of the guidance booklet by clicking on one of these buttons below

Please download, embed and share all of these translated assets.

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