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Reducing Inequalities Alliance

Lives in Bradford District and Craven are being cut short. People living in deprived areas of our district are more likely to die sooner than those in more affluent areas – this difference can be as much as 10 years.

To stop people dying early and to help people have a healthy and happy life, we need to work together to create a fairer district for all. To do this we will look to create opportunities for everyone to access quality care, stable jobs, fair pay, good housing and education.

As part of this effort, we’ve created the Reducing Inequalities Alliance. The alliance aims to support and coordinate collective action to reduce inequalities in Bradford District and Craven. It is made up of allies across our partner organisations. Watch our short animated video below to learn more.

Our four workstreams developed with our partners in the alliance are:

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Setting the strategic vision

for reducing inequalities in health (and the determinants of health)

Click here to view our key documents and information from our deep dive sessions.

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Building confidence and skills

in our workforce to reduce inequalities

Click here to see how you can play a part in reducing inequalities with our reflective exercise.

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Supporting best practice

in the ways we work, the skills we use and the evidence we draw on to reduce inequalities

Click here to view tools, resources, and our approach to Core20Plus5.

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Creating opportunities

to evaluate our work and share learning

Click here to learn about our Reducing Inequalities in Communities (RIC) and universal healthcare programmes.

Our newsletter

The Reducing Inequalities Alliance issue a monthly reducing inequalities newsletter. These newsletters highlight inequalities work happening across Bradford District and Craven, share best practice and provide updates on data and research in this area.

We want to shine a light on the great work happening in Bradford District and Craven, so let us know of work you’re doing to tackle inequalities by emailing

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