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As students across Bradford District and Craven reflect on their A Level and GSCE results, health and care leaders are inviting people to join the Act as One team by looking at careers in health, care and the local voluntary and community sector.

There are many ways to join the health and care workforce and start a journey towards a rewarding and varied career which can make a real difference to people’s lives. Whether through working on the frontline helping people, patients and their families, or behind the scenes to help plan and deliver our local health and care services, there are hundreds of exciting jobs roles to choose from.

Career paths in health and care are extremely varied. People can start their career journey with GSCE’s, A Levels, or even after completing work experience or a placement.

Foluke Ajayi, Chief Executive, Airedale NHS Foundation Trust said: “Our district is a fantastic place for people to start and build their health and care career. In my job I see people making a difference to people’s lives every day; whether as engineers or chefs working behind the scenes, or as healthcare professionals working directly with patients and their families.

“The difference with working in Bradford District and Craven is that we Act as One team. That means we work together, it doesn’t matter whether that’s the NHS, social care, or the voluntary and community sector, with a shared goal to keep people happy, healthy at home.

“I would really encourage any student who isn’t sure about what to do after getting their results to take a fresh look at health, care and voluntary sector careers, where there are over 350 to choose from. We really do welcome people from all walks of life, experiences and backgrounds, and we pride ourselves on supporting people throughout their career and helping them thrive.

“I started as a Clinical Scientist in Audiology, specialising in working with children, and I’ve experienced the fantastic variety and challenge that a health and care career offers. I am really passionate about creating a diverse and inclusive workforce, and believe that every individual, no matter their job role, matters and can make a real difference.”

In October, students can learn more about the range of career options at the Health and Care Careers Fair and MediTech Expo on Tuesday 11 October 2022.

Part of Skills Month, the fair will take place at Student Central at the University of Bradford. Come meet the people who work in the sector and learn what it would be like to be part of

the future workforce! The event is designed for young people and secondary school, further and higher education students from across the district to explore the range of careers within health and social care. Organisers are preparing interesting demos to showcase how professionals contribute to healthy living and support those they work with. Anyone wanting to learn more about the extensive roles on offer and talk to health and social care staff can come along to the afternoon drop-in session from 3pm.

Students can have a look at the One Workforce Hub which has lots of information about health and care careers in Bradford District and Craven, including qualifications, placements and work experience.