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Hello, my name is Matthew Riley, an involvement partner at Bradford District Care NHS Foundation Trust, and I’m Madeyah Khan, a qualified education mental health practitioner at Bradford District Care NHS Foundation Trust.

A world where we Act as One.

A world where I have a chance of a healthy mind,
Where my care is co-designed,
And I have the chance to shine,
And should I start to decline, I’m reassured that I’ll be fine.

The above has come from a poem, ‘A World’, written by Haris Ahmed (a poet from Bradford) for the Healthy Minds Summit. it helps to sum up the summit that we hosted. The summit was not your traditional event where you had senior leaders presenting, instead this was hosted and delivered by people with lived experience. This gave everyone a voice as they were given the space and platform to be heard.

At the summit we launched the Healthy Minds strategy, our strategic plan for mental health, learning disabilities, neurodiversity, and substance use – our blueprint for the next five years. Our vision for the Healthy Minds priority area is ‘Better Lives, Brighter Futures: promoting, respecting and improving the mental health and wellbeing of everyone to live happy, healthy at home’.

We had the opportunity to reflect on what has been achieved within the Healthy Minds priority area, and our plans for the future. This included listening to people with lived experience who candidly shared their experiences with us, which included mental health, domestic violence, bullying, building confidence, overcoming anxieties, befriending and why independence means so much to people with disabilities as well as having their voices heard. Each individual’s experience linked to three priority areas that underpin the Healthy Minds strategy; promote better lives, respect rights, and improve support. It’s not always easy to speak about your personal experience and those who did, did this brilliantly.

There was the official launch of the refreshed Healthy Minds website (, which provides mental health support information available across Bradford District and Craven. We couldn’t have done this without our partners who played a key role in the refresh of the website and the visual identity of Healthy Minds.

Our senior leaders took on the role of chief listening champions which helped shape a different perspective to previous events. It allowed conversations to happen which everyone in the room could contribute towards and make sure that everyone felt included throughout the day.

We had the opportunity to visit the autism reality experience bus, which helps to raise awareness of the sensory difficulties experienced by people on the autism spectrum and gives you an immersive experience of sensory overload. If you have the chance of visiting the autism reality experience, we will strongly recommend this as it gives you an insight to someone who has autism and their day-to-day experience.

Throughout the day we were able to highlight areas where we can improve and you could feel the passion from colleagues to do better, and to continue to learn and improve. Colleagues felt energised after the summit and excited to be (and part of) on the Healthy Minds journey. We have some challenging times ahead but what we took from the summit was that when we act as one, we’re second to none and we can make great things happen for our diverse communities in Bradford and Craven.

A world when I need it the most
It’s easy to pick up the phone,
Because living “Happy, Healthy at Home” Doesn’t mean I should do it alone.

Good care is not just plasters and sutures,
It’s setting up for better lives,
and creating a brighter future.

We finish writing this blog with a segment from Haris’s poem, our message to colleagues in the partnership is to let people with lived experience take centre stage and let them lead. We have so much to hear and learn from, and it helps us improve and overcome some of our challenges. We will continue to drive the voice of people with lived experience and the Healthy Minds Summit has given us the confidence to do this.

Healthy Minds is one of the five priority areas for Bradford District and Craven Health and Care Partnership. We have an ethos where we ‘Act as One’ to help people live happy, healthy at home. This drives the work of the Healthy Minds priority area, and our aim is to achieve better lives and improve support we offer to people with mental health, substance use needs, learning disabilities or are neurodiverse so that people can live happy, healthy at home.

People with lived experience who shared their stories of accessing mental health services across the district

Here are some short videos from people with lived experience who shared their stories of accessing local mental health services at the Healthy Minds Summit:

For mental health support in Bradford District and Craven, please visit the Healthy Minds website (