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A young person from a primary school in the district has won the kindness, compassion and understanding (KCU) mascot competition, the mascot for the KCU campaign will be called Lilly in the form of a penguin.

Lilly the penguin will be used as part of a wider campaign to address issues around bullying, like discrimination, loneliness, poverty, and prejudice in primary schools. The winner, Ava*, was announced at the launch of the young people’s mental health exhibition at Cartwright Hall Art Gallery on Friday 1 July. Ava has won some book vouchers for her school as well as an individual prize.

The KCU campaign is currently being delivered to primary schools across the district who have requested for this (has been delivered to over 5,000 pupils). The workshops for the KCU campaign are delivered by a set of young people from across Bradford District and Craven, who are called KCU ambassadors. Primary schools who have not yet had KCU delivered at their school and are interested in having this, please email

Therese Patten, Chief Executive for Bradford District Care NHS Foundation Trust and Chair for the Bradford District and Craven Health and Care Partnership Board for Mental Health, Learning Disabilities and Neurodiversity, said:

“What a brilliant idea by the KCU ambassadors to introduce a KCU mascot. I’d like to congratulate Ava for winning the competition. Lilly the penguin represents KCU in a very creative way and it will help communicate the key messages to pupils about being kind.

“The KCU campaign engages with pupils brilliantly, especially when trying to have those difficult conversations in a way that they can understand and then put their actions into practice. Having Lilly the penguin will make it easier for pupils to recognise the importance of being kind, compassionate and understanding. Pupils can take their KCU learning home, as well as in their communities. We want pupils to enjoy their time at school and see it as place where they can grow and learn. Pupils need to have fun whilst in school; it shouldn’t be a place where they’re bullied which can have a devasting impact on their mental health.”

Ava, winner of the KCU mascot competition, said:

“I can’t believe Lilly the penguin is going to be the face of the KCU campaign. Lilly is all about love, individuality, learning, life and being yourself, which are important when it comes to being kind, compassionate and understanding.

“I wanted other pupils to understand what Lilly the penguin is like, this included her likes such as fish, hugs, having fun, talking, and playing. Her dislikes include the sun, the North, carrots, mean people, and people who lie. Lilly’s personality is very energetic penguin, like meeting new people and helping others, and favourite colour is blue.

“I’m hoping that other pupils will be able to see themselves like Lilly, Lilly will help them to understand why bullying can really upset someone and make them feel sad and low.”

Isha, Kindness, Compassion and Understanding Lead Co-ordinator / Ambassador, said:

“Ava has used her creativity to put together Lilly the penguin as the KCU mascot, she’s provided a detailed description of Lilly which shows the kindness, compassion and understanding the penguin brings.

“The KCU ambassadors have a real passion to drive out bullying in schools, and we deliver our KCU workshops in a fun and engaging way and pupils will hopefully be able to relate themselves to Lilly the penguin.”

The ambassadors are made up of the current Healthy Minds apprentice team and previous team who founded the KCU project, now project workers, who have a distinct role in educating children and young people to look after their mental health and wellbeing, and how to access support by visiting the Healthy Minds website.


Ava – winner of the mascot competition

Please note that we’ve only used Ava’s first name as her parents have asked for her surname and school to be withheld.